Jordan Spieth would choose Rickie Fowler if Ryder Cup play included drinking

If the golf outings on the #SB2K16 and #SB2K17 trips had match winners, we now think we can guess who cleaned up.

Jordan Spieth went on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and an interesting subject arose … who would Spieth want as a partner in the Ryder Cup if drinking alcohol was required during play?

His answer: Rickie Fowler. Hear him explain why:

Here’s a transcription of Spieth’s explanation for choosing Fowler:

“I’d probably choose Rickie. He could play barefoot, he could play on one foot. Like he’s got this skill set. I’ve played a bit of golf like that with him, Justin Thomas, myself. Me and Justin are awful when we drink. Yeah, awful. Like, it’s not enjoyable for us, we play every other hole. I get the snap-hooks, he hits them right. … But Rickie tears it up.”

It would be a fascinating experiment, but of course this isn’t going to happen in a Ryder Cup (any imbibing among golfers competing in the event usually occurs only after it’s over).

Fowler’s Ryder Cup record is 2-4-5 in three appearances, so if they added that element he may serve to benefit a good deal.

It’s a fun hypothetical, but that’s all it will be. Now if these guys started a Ryder Cup competition of sorts on these trips … then we might be in business.

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